Biodiversity protection thematic maps

What are the latest findings on Mediterranean Biodiversity?

Seagrass to prevent degradation

The map highlights the results of the POSBEMED project the presence of Posidonia oceanica banquettes along the Mediterranean coast and the locations in need of a sustainable management of these particular dune systems in the region.
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MedBioLitter: Living with marine trash

This map provides access to latest publications and evidence on the different kinds of impacts that litter can have over key Mediterranean species in different contexts, from floating to the sea floor, and the areas in need for further research.
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Spotting whales and dolphins

This map is the result of a monitoring survey to show the presence of marine litter and cetaceans in the Mediterranean produced by the ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative.
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Protecting key areas for biodiversity

This map shows the current level of protection of certain areas in the Mediterranean including the main legal designations used at national, EU, Mediterranean and international level.
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