How does this Biodiversity Protection platform work?

This Med Biodiversity Protection Knowledge platform is a tool for you to access key information and data raising from a community of projects, combined with key relevant external sources where appropriate. It contains a spatial data viewer where you will be able to visualize who is active in the community and where they have been working on. The map viewer will allow you to combine spatial data from projects with external sources such as the map of protected areas or the most important ecological regions in the Mediterranean.

To accompany the viewer, there is a Library of resources containing main documents and multimedia material searchable by keywords.

How can I see my data?

Biodiversity Protection project information has been grouped according to projects. In this link you can see some of the datasets already available.

  • Access to the list of projects and single maps with spatial distribution of partners
  • Access to the catalogue of external and internal resources.

What should I do to download or upload data?

This platform has a data policy to visualize, download and upload data. You can access it here.

If you need guidance for the use of the spatial data viewer, please read the user’s manual here.